Charcoal Briquette (wood charcoal and coconut charcoal)

Charcoal Briquette (wood charcoal and coconut charcoal)
Adecco Briquettes produce high heat and consistent temperatures, are odorless, have no chemical additives, are flameless and produce minimal ash. 
Adecco Briquettes compare over traditional lump / wood charcoal
Longer burn hours (over two times longer compared to traditional lump/wood charcoal) - Not only providing an economic advantage to users, but also less frequency and handling is needed to replenish charcoal during cooking.
Homogenous heat throughout - Cooking becomes more manageable and the food is cooked evenly.
Flameless - The absence of flames due to flare up from oil and fat drips on the charcoal during cooking will ensure that food is roasted, instead of burned; providing a healthy, mouth-watering appearance to the cooked food produced.
Odorless with no chemical additives - Helps preserve the natural flavors of the food without leaving any unwanted smell.
Minimal ash - Keeps the cooking area clean and requires less effort for clean-up.
Minimal sparks - Minimal to no sparks during lighting and cooking.
Requires less storage - Due to regular brick-shape of the charcoal and conveniently transported in a sturdy carton box.
-Round Pillow
-Rectangle Long
-Flower Long
-Hexagonal Long
-Cylinder Long