Pini Kay Wood Briquette

Pini Kay Wood Briquette
Size: 65 x 65 x 200mm 
Moisture: 4.83% 
Total ash: < 2% 
Calorific value: 4,625 kcal/kg 
Nitrogen: 0.011% m/m,
Sulfur: 0.006%
-The size of the briquette 65mm x 65mm x 200mm with a 20mm diameter hole.
-There are 12 logs in each pack. 
-The log must be cut to 200mm length. 
-It must NOT be broken.
-The size of the package is: 385mm long x 200mm x 130mm and weights 10kg 
-The pack weighs exactly 10kg and get 96 packs / 960kg on a pallet, 
-24 pallets in a container therefore 23 tons in a 20ft container.
-The product must be sealed with polythene wrapping all round and have an internal strap holding them together. 
-The polythene must be of high quality and not become brittle.