Industrial Fuel

Bulk industrial grade fuel pellets provide clean biomass energy to an international customer base in Europe, North America, and Asia. Individual shipments may range from 40 ton truckloads, through 100 ton railcars, up to 50,000 ton Handysize ocean vessels. Adecco is focused on increasing its export capacity through terminals in two to locations. Adecco’s ability to service this vital sector is enriched by inter-connected multiple mills, strategically located in the heart of Ukraine’s largest fiber basket. Every Pinnacle mill produces pellets to the European industrial specifications and has the ability to send product to either port.

Typical Industrial Fuel 
Pellet Characteristics:
Pellet Diameter: 6mm
Pellet Length: 5mm to 35mm
Moisture Content: <5%
Temperature: <50°C ( <120°F)
Calorific Value: >17GJ/t (4.7MWh/t)
Bulk Density: >675kg/m³ (42lbs/cu ft.)
Ash content: <2%
Fines content: <3%
Raw Material: Softwood residuals from operations using timber from certified forests.