Animal Bedding Pellets

Adecco’s pine pellets are well known for their moisture absorbency and odor control characteristics. Two bag sizes cater to both large and small animals.
The larger 40lb bag is ideal for horse bedding as it absorbs 160lbs of moisture, or 4 times its weight. Just 4 bags is the equivalent of a pick-up truck load of shavings. The relatively low absorbency of both shavings and straw will allow wetness to spread throughout the stall, thus requiring more cleaning effort, more frequently and over a wider area. Pinnacle's Horse Comfort facilitates spot clean-up, allowing the soiled or wet area to be removed while still preserving the rest of the covered area. Along with its superior moisture and odor absorbing qualities, Horse Comfort lasts longer than conventional horse bedding products, thereby reducing costs. Stall and trailer cleaning times are minimized because Horse Comfort is so easy to transport, handle and dispose of.
The handy 20lb bag of is an ideal size for the home and an ideal bedding product for your smaller pet. The pine pellets give off a fresh pine scent whilst Adecco's Pet Comfort gets to work providing a safe and clean environment for your pet. Pet Comfort is also an ideal cat litter product. Follow the instructions below to see how Pet Comfort can be used for up to a month before the box needs changing out.
Typical Animal Bedding Pellet Characteristics:
Pellet Diameter: 6mm
Pellet length: 5mm to 35mm
Moisture Content: <5%
Bulk Density: 
>675kg/m³ (>42lbs/cu ft.)
Fines content: <1%
Moisture Absorption: >400%
Raw Material: Pine shavings and sawdust from lumber operations using timber from certified forests.