BBQ Sawdust Charcoal Briquettes

Specifications;   sawdust charcoal briquette No smoke no odor ,ignite quickly burning time 5-6 hours  Description of  charcoal briquette Our charcoal , known as man-made charcoal, recycling charcoal, smokeless and clean charcoal etc., it's a kind of charcoal briquettes which are...

Ruf Briquette

-          Material: Mixed wood -          Dimension: 15.5 x 7.0 x 9.5 mm -          Moisture: 10% max -          Ash: 2 % max -          Calorific : 4,300 -...

Pini Kay Wood Briquette

Specifications  Size: 65 x 65 x 200mm  Moisture: 4.83%  Total ash: < 2%  Calorific value: 4,625 kcal/kg  Nitrogen: 0.011% m/m, Sulfur: 0.006%   -The size of the briquette 65mm x 65mm x 200mm with a 20mm diameter hole. -There...

Hard Coal

1.of low ash and low sulfur  2. used as the fuel and additive  3. substitute massively refinery coke or the stone grinds.   1.Features: The main raw material is unique high quality anthracite, with characteristic of low ash and low sulfur. Gas Calcined Anthracite Coal,...

Office Paper

-Office Paper -A4 Copy Paper -8.5x11 Copy Paper -Copy/Printing Paper

Timber Logs

-Pine Wood Logs -Oak Timber -Oak Lumber -Sawn Timber -Sawdust -Wood Chip -Firewood  

Wood Pellet

-Industrial Fuel -Residential Pellet Fuel -Animal Bedding Pellet -Natural Sorbent  

Charcoal Briquette (wood charcoal and coconut charcoal)

Adecco Briquettes produce high heat and consistent temperatures, are odorless, have no chemical additives, are flameless and produce minimal ash.    Adecco Briquettes compare over traditional lump / wood charcoal   Longer burn hours (over two times longer compared to...