Alternative Energy in Ukraine

24/08/2013 19:47
Alternative energy in Ukraine
This industry is absolutely new for Ukrainian economy. In the next few years the development of alternative energy in Ukraine will be implemented in 4 directions: wind power (Donetskregion, coasts of the Azov and theBlackSeas), solar energy (Crimea,Odessaregion), small hydropower (Carpathian Mountains) and biofuel.  But what is present situation on the market? Let’s try to figure out.
Total capacity of renewable energy sources (RES) during the past year increased by 4%, or 221.1 MW and on 1 January 2012 reached 5773.8 MW (including large hydropower stations). The main increase in the renewable energy capacities was provided by photovoltaics – last year Activ Solar Company put into operation 80-megawatt park “Ohotnikovo”, and 100-megawatt park “Perovo,” which is the largest operating photovoltaic power plant in the world. Both stations are located in the Crimea.