Are pellets suitable for commercial heating applications?

Adecco's currently ships 40 tonne truckloads of bulk product for the commercial heating market throughout Ukraine, primarily to Lower Mainland greenhouses. Wood pellets provide an economical alternative to the more volatile pricing of natural gas and oil.

Does Adecco market its products under any other names?

Yes, Adecco’s bagged product is also sold under Armstrong Pellets and Dragon Mountain Adecco Pellets.

Can I use Adecco wood pellets in my pet’s litter box?

Definitely, the high absorbency and low odor properties of Adecco wood pellets make it ideal for all uses from the stable to the litter box.

Does the manufacture of wood pellets require more trees to be cut down?

Absolutely not. A typical primary lumber producer creates leftover wood residue that would have historically been burned in beehive burners. This residual waste provides the ideal fibre source for wood pellet production. It is for this reason that most pellet producers are located at, or near, sawmills.

Once I’ve loaded my pellet stove's hopper do I still have to periodically shovel the pellets into the stove?

No, a corkscrew-type auger moves the pellets into the burner as needed. The auger is usually controlled by a thermostat, as room temperature drops the auger is activated and more fuel is added to the firebox. No fuss, mess or work.

Is there a danger of sparks leaving the chimney with wood pellets?

No because of the extremely low water content of wood pellets, just 6%, the combustion is extremely clean, there is virtually no smoke, sparks or spitting as is typical with most firewoods.

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