About Our Wood Pellet Plant

Adecco Renewable Energy Group, a private company founded by the Luba's, has been in operation for over 10 years and is one of the longest established pellet and coal producer in Western Ukraine. Located in the heart of the Odessa Industrial Centre, Ukraine, Adecco has access to an excellent and abundant source of raw materials. Adecco produces a variety of products carrying our name, including softwood pellet fuel, animal bedding and natural sorbent. We also produce custom products for companies in their packaging. A large portion of our production is for the bulk domestic and overseas market.

Today, the company operates 2 pellet plants across the country with a production capacity well over 1 million tons annually (including 100% of our partner plant).
All Adecco plants operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are located within the country, 
Adecco Renewable Energy Group shares a vision of supporting the communities of Ukraine impacted by the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic and is proud to take an environmentally responsible, proactive step towards creating meaningful employment in a manner that will integrate with the needs of the sawmills upon which these communities depend.
Our History
The business, conceived by founders Luba and family, commenced operations in 2003 as Adecco Feed and Pellet. In 2005 the business was incorporated as Adecco Renewable Energy Group.
Today, the company operates two plants across Ukraine with a productive capacity of 1,050,000 tonnes of wood pellets annually which comprises 46% of Ukraine’s total pellet production. Adecco is looking to further expand its operations to strategic locations.
Our Commitment
Our extraordinary success rate in on-time deliveries reflects our confidence in our people, our facilities, our products and our services. We are passionate about our business and are highly motivated to meet your expectations. We’ll make sure that your order gets where you want it, when you want it and at the best rates possible.
Our Management Team
Vice President Sales and Logistics
President and Chief Operations Officer
Chief Financial Officer
General Manager Strategic Capital Deployment
Vice President Forestry
Director FP&A and M&A
Coporate Controller
Director Rail Logistics
Director PMO
Director Marine Logistics
Director HR
Director Safety & Environment
Director Continous Improvement
Director Accounting
Director Fibre & Trucking
Senior Vice President Operations
Legal Counsel
Drirector of Sales
Mission Statement
It shall be Adecco Renewable Energy Group's mission to be the world's largest
and most reliable producer and supplier of bioenergy products. These products shall be produced from a sustainably managed raw material supply by production plants that are global leaders in safety, quality, cost control and on-time delivery. Adecco Renewable Energy Group will provide value to communities by being a fully integrating component of the forest industry value chain, by providing challenging and fulfilling employment and by operating in accordance with a culture of environmental stewardship. Adecco Renewable Energy Group will reduce the carbon footprint associated with all aspects of product supply including the procurement of raw materials, production of products and the logistic chains that connect Adecco Renewable Energy Group to its valued customers.
Health and Safety
Adecco Renewable Energy Group is committed to a safe and healthy workplace and environment for its employees. We will develop a culture that fosters continuous improvement in everything we do by establishing and maintaining safe work practices through proper procedures and direction. We will monitor our progress and communicate possible improvements. Safety is everyone's responsibility and in order for it to be effective everyone must contribute.
Should any employee experience an injury or illness then every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate that worker to allow him to continue working through the Disability Management Program.
Senior management will have the responsibility for establishing standard policies and procedures for safe work practice as well as maintenance of buildings and equipment to provide a safe work environment. Senior management must also ensure that managers are trained and instructed in their responsibilities.
Managers and supervisors will have the responsibility to ensure that employees are trained and supervised to meet the company standards and to react in a timely manner to safety issues that are brought to their attention.
Employees have the responsibility to follow the company policies and procedures while working in a safe manner and to report any potential safety hazard to their supervisor/manage